Mid-Week Quickie: eleanore – Demo Tape

Stoner Rock Army

Germany has been giving us some amazing new releases over the last few months. In October alone, two of my favorite German bands, ZQKMDGZ and Giant Lungs, secured a much deserved place on the Doom Charts with their new albums. This month, we’re adding to that list with Eleanore, a heavy rock band from Emden. 

Eleanore just released their EP, Demotape, on YouTube this week. This six-track release was literally recorded in the garage of guitarist/vocalist, Mario. I personally love stuff like this; that raw and unrefined sound makes me feel like I’m really there with the band in a way.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a garage band by any means; these guys aren’t amateurs. They’re good. Eleanore brings their own brand of stoner/desert/alternative rock with a palpable punk rock energy that is incredibly infectious. 

Eleanore already has more songs ready to release sometime in 2024. Until then, let’s show this band how much we dig their demotape by giving them a listen and share on YouTube! 

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