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No, really.  I swear.  I have nearly 30 years clean and sober, and the longer I stay so the more I realize that Soundgarden, Helmet, and Kyuss had more impact on me than any meeting, sponsor, area service commitment or counselor.

My mental health issues were obliterated by a steady diet of deep, dark, fuzzed-out Stoner/Doom and hundreds of songs that gave me hope by sharing some darkness.

I’m here to explore why. I want to write about bands that do the same for me now, and if I’m lucky, read your thoughts as well. I know I’m not the only one out there.

I’m also a licensed substance abuse counselor, clinical supervisor, and life coach. I keep this site semi-anonymous, mostly because I don’t want to bring undue attention to the the places I’ve worked.  I also have other sites for professional and clinical stuff, so I like to keep this separate.  While it’s mostly for fun, I am pretty serious about the stoner/doom/metal stuff and the impact on my recovery. It helps keep me sane, grounded, and connected.

I’m hoping to spend more time on here over the coming months.  Lots of great music has come out over past year, and I want to share more of it.  I hope you like it…

Stay Fuzzy!!!!!!