Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 21

Another week, another list:

Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 21

This week has had two very distinct sides for me. On one hand, it’s been an insanely busy one for me personally, so I’ve been using my favorite music to help me focus and center myself whenever I can. That most often means revisiting some of my favorite older albums.

On the other hand, as per usual, I’ve spent a good portion of my free time listening to some of these amazing new releases we’ve been graced with this month in our little stoner/doom community. As a result , my playlist has been all over the place. With that being said, let’s jump right in! 

Paralyzed – Heavy Road

You know that feeling you get when you listen to an album you haven’t heard in a while and think, “Man, I forgot how much I love this!” That’s how I felt about Paralyzed’s album Heavy Road this week. If someone asked me to come up with a quality representation of modern day heavy blues, I would immediately think of this album. Of course, blues itself is known for being a genre that is all about emotionally charged lyrics, but when you combine it with some heavy psychedelic rock music, you’ve got something really great, and perhaps a bit less…depressing. Heavy Road is definitely an album you can listen to from start to finish and just vibe to.

Favorite Track: Mayday

Witchcraft – Legend

Speaking of albums one can listen to from start to finish, I’ve also been jamming to Witchcraft’s Legend this week. As we enter into the colder weather, spooky season, and pumpkin spice all up in our faces, Witchcraft seemed like the natural choices of tunes with their occult rock sound. I am of the opinion, and I’m sure many others will agree, that Legend is a masterpiece, an essential album in the doom metal/occult rock genres.

Emotional, raw lyrics, beautiful vocals, and infectious guitar hooks on each and every song make this album a must-have. Fun fact: I actually didn’t like this album the first time I heard it! Granted, that was a long time ago, but if I could go back in time and give myself a good slap, I would. If you’re looking for a great intro into occult doom, listen to Legend from start to finish and thank me later. 

Favorite Track: Ghosts House 

Mother of God – Anthropos

Swedish stoner rockers Mother of God never let me down. They’re one of those bands that I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad song from. Their 2013 album, Anthropos is one of my favorites from the band and a go-to album for me in general. This album, and Mother of God as a band, utilize a lovely marrying of desert rock, stoner rock, 1970s rock, and grunge, which is something we’re seeing again in many new releases recently.

It’s something that I love and talk about quite a bit: heavier stoner riffage, bright and soaring desert rock sound, and that melancholy grunge/90s alternative rock feel, all blended together. Mother of God does this particularly well. 

Favorite Track: 230

Lacquerhead – Brain Muzzle 

When you think of social media ads, you generally think of something an annoyance, like a pesky mosquito. Well, not always…guess where I discovered Lacquerhead? A sponsored ad on social media! I was immediately intrigued by what I heard in the advertised song, Chime, a slow, somber, grunge ballad. I made my way over to Lacquerhead’s Bandcamp page and soon discovered this is only one side of the band. In sharp contrast to Chime, their newest EP contains an equal number of songs that are very much sludge metal/hardcore punk in nature.

And, as it turns out, I found myself really, really liking it. I’m always impressed by a band that can cross genres and give listeners a ton of variety, and Lacquerhead are masters of this parlor trick. Interestingly enough, they’re a self-described experimental rock/metal band. My favorite thing about them is the vocalist’s ability to depict chaos in such a believable way. Being able to sing (or scream melodically for our purposes) is one thing; but being able to accurately illustrate emotions that normally make people uncomfortable, especially in song form, is a real talent. 

Favorite Track: Mutual Conversation

Giant Lungs – Self-Titled 

German stoner/desert rock outfit Giant Lungs released their debut album on October 3rd and it’s good. It’s really, really, so freaking good. I might be moderately obsessed with it. As I touched upon earlier, we’ve been getting a bit of an influx of bands that are bringing back that stoner/desert/grunge blend, with more of an emphasis on the grunge. Giant Lungs is able to produce this combination of genres in such a quality way, for lack of a better word. The sound and songwriting are incredibly reminiscent of the 90s and the height of alternative music (as a millennial, I may be just a little bit biased), it’s really uncanny. I have a really good feeling about these guys. 

Favorite Track: Ego 

Sleepwulf – Sunbeams Curl

Sleepwulf is another band that seems fitting as Halloween approaches. Perhaps slightly less known than aforementioned band Witchcraft, Sleepwulf are occult doom legends in their own right. In fact, Sleepwulf’s Owen Robertson is by far my favorite vocalist within the subgenres of occult doom/rock. Something about that little tremble in his voice adds to the “retro” aspect of Sleepwulf’s sound, as if he’s a bard telling a sordid cautionary tale. 

Favorite Track: Satan is King

And that’s my Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 21. If you don’t want to wait until the end of the week to see what I’m listening to, be sure to follow me at


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