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Black Magic and Witchcraft in Stoner/Doom: Blake Carrera from Aiwass

Black Magic and Witchcraft, even Satanism has always been a part of Metal. Stoner/Doom is no different. Hell, Dopelord is releasing Songs for Satan next month! The thing is, its hard to tell the difference between the entertainment and rebellious side of Satanic imagery and references, and the bands that are real. As in: they’re…

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Dopelord: Songs for Satan

Listening to Songs for Satan left me feeling like I’d just watched a good horror movie; a bit shaken and certainly thoughtful, wishing I actually could have seen this very story depicted visually. Creating a concept album was a great idea and fit for Dopelord, and they executed it incredibly well. The songs sucked you…

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Lord Velvet: Astral Lady

Lord Velvet is an absolute force to be reckoned with. I have no clue what otherworldly stuff is going down in the Rockies or what’s in the water there (Coors Light, perhaps?), but something is afoot, and it’s awesome. It’s always incredibly refreshing and honestly a bit mindblowing to hear insanely talented musicians nowadays, especially…

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Dead Feathers: Full Circle

Overall, I can hardly find words to express how proud I am of the progress this amazing band has made in a very short time. It’s very evident that they’ve grown and matured as a band and as individual musicians. That renewed vitality is palpable throughout the entire album. Dead Feathers was great before, and…

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Hippie Death Cult: Helichrysum

To be able to produce something that highlights your strongest skills as musicians while still providing plenty of musical and vocal variety, piquing interest, and making it seem effortless is astounding. I know that Hippie Death Cult worked insanely hard to accomplish this and that’s evident in every note. Job very well done. 

Helichrysum is…

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