Doomcakes’ Top 9 Albums of November

Doomcakes’ Top 9 Albums of November: After diving into the month’s new releases, Stephanie has compiled a list of nine standout albums for the Doom Charts. These specially-curated picks feature a host of talented bands and a variety of music genres including retro rock, space rock, stoner rock and more. The selection was guided by a commitment to quality and uniqueness, ensuring the music truly stands apart.

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Clean and Sober Stoner Top 10 albums of November

Top 10 albums of November: I know that a lot of us are probably a little panicked at the amount of work ahead of us as we slide into December. I feel the urge, the temptation to wrap 2023 in a nice package and a shiny bow. In the meantime, we still have 30 days left in a year this has been absolutely fantastic across the entire spectrum of the heavy underground.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 26

The post discusses several standout music releases, highlighting Fool’s Idol’s Autumn EP for its blend of punk energy with serene elements, Valley of the Sun’s The Sayings of the Seers for its uplifting stoner-alternative rock experience, and Seedy Jeezus for their feel-good energy. A single track, Wrong Eyes from No Skull, and albums from Damage Therapy and Electric Wizard are also appreciated for their unique elements and contributions to the garage rock and doom metal genres respectively.

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Stoned Jesus: Father Light

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re here, you know of a little band from Kiev called Stoned Jesus. These guys have been making amazing stoner/doom music for over a decade now, and they released their latest album, Father Light, in March of this year. This is the band’s first release in five years, […]

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 12th

Doomcakes shares a nostalgic retrospective of classic albums while also highlighting a new release in the mix. The week’s theme is termed “The Classics”, reviewing albums from Dozer, The Pixies, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Melvins, and a new release from AcidSitter. Across genres from stoner/desert rock to grunge and alternative, the author reminisces and appreciates the power of the old tunes alongside newer sounds.

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Aiwass: The Falling

“Aiwass: The Falling,” the top-ranking album on Bandcamp, is garnering attention for its unique, conceptual approach. Beyond its musical innovation, the album offers in-depth exploration of subjects like the Golden Dawn and Western Mysticism. Aiwass constructs the album on lived experiences, beyond just referencing these themes. Many laud it as one of the best albums of the year and anticipate its potential as a legacy work, marking a significant evolutionary step for the band.

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Doomcakes’ Top 17 Albums for October

In her monthly music review, Doomcakes provides a heartfelt commentary on how music impacts her and shares her personal rating of various albums. She explains her preference for albums that evoke strong emotions, particularly negative ones, as they make the listener identify more with the song. She mentions her October’s top 17 albums and the reasons why she likes each one. Among the top-rated albums are Beastwars’ ‘Tyranny of Distance’, Purple Kong’s ‘Blood Lightning’, and the top album ‘Giant Lungs’ by Giant Lungs.

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