Late to the Party: Hum- One

If you hunger, CRAVE modern, post-rock-on-the-verge-of progressive, heavy psych with a dash of stoner, you should definitely add Hum to your collection. The entire album runs a mere 38 minutes, and every song comes across as the perfect, edited version of what the song should be. One is like a collection of my favorite bits of this kind of music, with none of the stuff I have to overlook in order to enjoy it.

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The Slow Attack: Higher Than This!

It’s the kind of whiskey-strained voice that just gets the crowd pumping and challenges the guitars for dominance. The bass playing is low-down and up to no good, reaching deep into your gut and making it clear where the boogie lies. Plenty of air drummers are gonna be smashing the smokey haze with empty hands when they see these guys (and gal). I do not want this to end: I need at least another hour to soak in the hard and heavy vibes.

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Evil Leaf: Slow Burn

It’s no secret that Evil Leaf has been a favorite on this site ever since they released their single, Tenebris, a few months ago. Recently, they released their first EP, Slow Burn. . So- does the EP live up to the hype I’ve had? Absolutely. This is a dose of well-written and smartly-produced Doom tracks […]

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Road to Burn- 1000mods

Overall I felt this was very Kyuss like and had a great velvety guitar that would make this song stay on the Okay Doomer playlist. I am feeling like I may be developing a style of music within Doom that I like. I am excited to keep experiencing this genre and sharing my observations with you.

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Live Reaction with CLEEN!

When I met the band Cleen on Facebook, I heard a couple of their songs, all of which are on YouTube. I’m seeing a lot of this lately: bands uploading songs straight to that platform. It was unconventional enough to go Independent and upload straight to Bandcamp, and now it’s been taken a step further. […]

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Newbie Doomer: Lo-Pan Pathfinder

I can say for someone who does not always love guitar solos this one was right up my alley. You are not even at the 5-minute mark and they are full-on just killing it here. It almost makes me want to slam dance against the Boomer but I don’t think he would be up for that at least not during morning coffee

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Stoner/Doom Review:Clouds Taste Satanic’s Tales of Demonic Possession

here is a long history of this kind of music, dating back to Classical or Symphonic works vs. the Opera approach, and brought to “modern” sensibilities beginning with Mike Oldfield’s famous Tubular Bells in the early 70’s. Clouds Taste Satanic is clearly aware of all that history, and have produced another work of art that both honors the past while moving Stoner/Doom forward.

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