Slightly Lost and Fuzzed

For the past few days things at Headquarters of slowed almost to a halt. YouTube and the Site have both suffered, as I find it almost impossible to create new content, or even concentrate.

I blame Ryan and his damn Slightly Fuzzed side, podcast, YouT….empire. It’s a damn empire. An evil time-suck that, just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s another fucking distraction to get lost in and binge-watch while your to-do list swirls down the drain.

It’s bad enough that he’s a skilled graphic designer with a quick wit and genuinely likes people. But then he rubs our noses in it with killer material like Real or Fuzzed where real bands have to guess whether one of his curated album covers are real. Then there’s the needlessly addictive Fuzzed Club. Yeah, bands and reviewers and other elites listen to an album and then talk about it, in detail, to the point we all know as much as he does. The absence of Martin Popoff is both telling and appreciated. Even then, it’s probably only a matter of time.

Take a look at his linktree if you don’t believe me:

Be careful though- it’s a time suck. Sooner or later people are gonna stop watching content concerning what Mick Mars and Carmine Appice tweeted about Lars Ulrich. At that point, Slightly Fuzzed will probably get the 100K subscribers it deserves. But for now, it’s one of the worst-kept secrets in the Heavy Underground. I for one hope it stays that way: we have the impending recession looming that’s been predicted ever since the last one ended, and I’m not sure the country could withstand the dip in Gross National Product if people caught on this.

Check this out, and remember, you’ve been warned!

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