Roe Vs. Wade: brief thoughts

My newbie-doomer, who has a pretty cool job, told me one of her employees needed to take the afternoon off and cry. I said, “That won’t help. Now’s not the time to hide in a safe room.” Newbies reaction, real and deep, told me that it’s time for me to STFU. Just for now. See, […]

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the ascension of kate bush

In 1985 I joined the Navy. While stationed in San Diego for Basic Electricity and Electronics School (BEE), I met quite a few people who turned me onto music I’d never dreamed of. One dude who did so was named Rob. I didn’t know him long: he attempted suicide one night and I never saw […]

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Besvarjelsen: Atlas

When I first discovered Besvarjelsen on a Doomed and Stoned compilation, Doomed and Stoned in Sweden, I was hooked. Alone remains one of my favorite songs of all-time, and pretty much hit that ever-changing list immediately. Along with Messa’s She Knows/Tulsi, it remains on heavy-rotation four years later. But my reaction to the album, Vallmo, […]

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Ufomammut – Fenice

Not my post, but I love this guys writing. I hope you do, too! With all the many different forms of psychedelia that have cropped up over the decades, it has to be its heavier forms that have got to be some of … Ufomammut – Fenice

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newbie and relationship…

So, I have this girlfriend. Which seems like a trite way to put it, doesn’t really describe the relationship we’re developing. Not only is she open to Stoner/Doom/Heavy Psych and all the underground stuff I dig, but she’s started her own blog. That’s just how she rolls: it’s not so much that I’m interested in […]

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First Newbie Doomer Post

So, while I’m slacking off and moving to another city, my girlfriend has decided to up and start her own blog! Check it out… Doom music gets a bad reputation. I included have judged them in the past to be headbanging Neanderthals who scream lyrics and just rock out to the … First Newbie Doomer […]

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California Sober-an opinion

I want to make this clear and get it out of the way immediately: I am 100% abstinent. I have been 100% abstinent since 1992. I, as an individual in long-term recovery, am more than convinced that I cannot, under any circumstances, consume any psychoactive substance. Doesn’t matter if it is marijuana, alcohol, psychedelics, tranquilizers, […]

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Spaceslug – Leftovers

To be clear, I didn’t write this. Hope you don’t mind the share… The whole realm of heavy psych, heavy rock, or whatever it is you want to call it has really been experiencing a renaissance that started not even a … Spaceslug – Leftovers

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