Black Magic and Witchcraft in Stoner/Doom: Blake Carrera from Aiwass

Black Magic and Witchcraft, even Satanism has always been a part of Metal. Stoner/Doom is no different. Hell, Dopelord is releasing Songs for Satan next month!

The thing is, its hard to tell the difference between the entertainment and rebellious side of Satanic imagery and references, and the bands that are real. As in: they’re not kidding. Some of the best bands in history have an authentic connection with the occult, from Fleetwood Mac to Mesa.

When I needed an expert to start a discussion, Blake Carerra from Aiwass was the perfect choice. The dude knows what he’s talking about. He even pronounces “Crowley” correctly!

More fun than a Black Mass at Midnight

Look, man. This might not be for everyone. This is a frank but entertaining discussion about all sorts of things people might not be used to hearing about openly, and this interview has more triggers than a Marine Expeditionary Force.

And some of it is pretty damn funny…

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