Newbie and the Trip into Stoner/Doom

If you’ve read this blog at all, then you know Newbie is contributing directly. We recently sat down and talked about what got her into this stuff, and what it’s been like to live with this Stoner/Doom dude while we get the site going, along with our YouTube Channel.

We hope you like this peek behind the scenes, where we talk about what we’re doing and some of the people who’ve helped use along the way: from Vitksar Suden to the Stoner Rock Army and the Doom Charts!

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One thought on “Newbie and the Trip into Stoner/Doom

  1. Watch this! The peek behind the scenes is hilarious!! A music lover I am and they have both reviewed selections I have added to my eclectic playlists. Scott and Julie, I look forward to your next review!!!👏👏👏

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