Gravehuffer: The interview

I know, this is a long video. I’m taking a risk with this one, but I think it’s worth it.

I just can’t bring myself to cut out anything Gravehuffer had to say. This album changed how I look at extreme music in many ways, and they were open to talking about it. Besides, I’m always curious about deleted and cut scenes, so here’s the whole thing. I did cut some of my goofiness, but otherwise, this is all Gravehuffer. I truly hope you watch the whole thing, but it’s not about my algorithm. Fuck that! I think it’s more important to present these guys as they are.

I think this is an important album, one that takes extreme/brutal music in an interesting direction. Each member of Gravehuffer wrote about something important to them, including being in the working class, a high-concept science fiction piece, and dealing with person demons like depression.

Through it all, ….Depart From So Much Evil is concerned with faith, choice, and how to retain one’s humanity in a brutal world. The kind of world that takes a band like Gravehuuffer, with their blast-beats, guttural vocals and wall-of-noise sonics to convey. I hope more people discover and experience this band!

If you’re in a band, especially a new one trying to find a place among the thousands of other bands, I think there’s a lot here for you to digest. If you’re a fan of the band- they talk about all the things that make people love them.

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