Mid-Week Quickie: Sisteria- Dark Matter

Sisteria’s first album, Dark Matter, totally slipped by me, even at #14 on the August Doom Charts. Thankfully, I’ve re-embraced the cesspool that is Twitter, and I caught a Tweet from Maggie@DSNNightTribe. Twitter isn’t that bad once I focus on underground music and get rid of…everything else.

At the moment, Winter Crow is bopping in my headphones. Down, dirty, groovy and funky, this coulda been a cross-over hit in 1974. Rambiln’ Woman is next: as close to country as you can get, with just enough Cowboy Junkies vibe to keep me from clicking ‘next.’ Singer Katie Williams paid her dues as a folk singer before putting together this slab of Doom-tinged awesomeness.

Wait, that didn’t make sense to you? It will man, in its own far-out way.

When you put this album on your delivery method of choice, be prepared for a tripped-out and genre-bending musical journey. Get ready for crushing guitar, haunting vocals, a brief detour to the wilds of Oklahoma, some Americana references, deep blues and heavy psychedelia. Oh, and for maximum enjoyment, you might want to consider appreciating a clinic on bass tone and technique, a similar tour-de-force of tasteful percussion, keyboards that smack you between the ears with Hammond and synthesized goodness. The musicianship, across the board, is overwhelmingly good.

This band goes way beyond the usual Sabbath/Iommi influences. I’m hearing some serious Geezer-worship as well, instead of just focusing on the guitar: I’m also hearing some Mick Box references on as well. There are additional Uriah Heep references on keyboards, a la Ken Hensley, along with some Jon Lord/Deep Purple vibes. They seem to honor all of the greats, and quite deliberately. It’s like tasting notes with coffee!

If it sounds eclectic, it is. Katie Williams’ vocals remain the singular standout throughout the recording, but there’s like 11 more people taking turns on various songs. Kinda like Mothers Acid Temple, but with melody, rhythm and taste. It’s the most cohesive collective I can think of. These folk play whatever they want, however they want, and do it as well as anyone you’ve ever heard.

Guitarist/Producer/Engineer/Mixer Steve Boaz deserves massive credit for how pristine the recording is, as well as Adam Matza for his mastering skills. We don’t spend enough time praising the folk who capture this stuff, and I predict plenty of production/recording work for these guys down the road. Kudos as well to Horton Records out of Tulsa for this gem.

Find this album: stream it on your platform of choice or better yet, buy and download it from Bandcamp.

Like, totally recommended, man.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I freaking love the album cover art!! That is one thing I miss about buying vinyl albums. Then you mention Cowboy Junkies in one paragraph then Uriah Heap in another and I’m ready to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation for I’m sure excited to give it a listen!

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