Surprise Quickie: Black Moon Mother

Hey all.

This week I came across this album on Youtube, in my ‘recommended’ section. I passed over it quickly, and then went right back to it. First, I love the name of the band. I’m sucker for things dark and witchy. The album name and cover are awesome as well.

I’ve listened only twice, and I’m hooked! It’s an very eclectic album, with an impressive mix of doom and even pop, that just works. One of the major complaints I read and hear about Doom is that it can be rather monotonous, and I agree. In the case of bands like Monolord or even Bell Witch, it’s one of the things I like most: endless drones that go on and on.

Regardless, variety is also amazing, and this is where Black Moon Mother excel. I think they’d a great opening band for the likes of Messa. Not that they sound like Messa, at all, but they are kindred spirits, especially when it comes to interesting arrangements. The vocals are truly special, and the guitar work is intricate and refined. The recording could be a little cleaner, but it’s on-par with most releases.

Released this past August, I’m pretty sure they didn’t make the Doom Charts, which is too bad. So, here’s my shout-out to an album I’m sure will be on my playlist for months to come. Right now, it’s $5 on Bandcamp and also on most streaming platforms that I can tell.

But buy it, and support the scene!

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