Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

I can’t write it any better than this. Bravo!

Head-Banger Reviews

 Of all the oddities that I’ve come across in my long, never-ending journey of becoming a full-fledged metalhead there’s one thing that I prize above all else: albums that consist of one song. I don’t mean a standalone single or mere 7″ promotional piece. I’m talking about extremely long-winded albums that are made up of songs that stretch to over 35 fucking minutes long! It’s such a rare occurrence in my daily life that I’ve come to see them as a treasure, and today one of the most prolific doom metal bands has released one such marvel. Bell Witch has always been a name to know for all doom fans, but this record is such a game changer that it’s fucking maddening.

Three months ago when the mind-boggling marvel of “Mirror Reaper”, I already knew that this record was going to be something special for one incredible reason: the album…

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