Doom Charts for September 2017

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Doom Charts

“The doom lies in yourself, not in your name.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien (The Children of Húrin)

It doesn’t matter where you wander, you always take you with you.  Change your name, change your clothes, change your city.  Broken, bent, torn, shattered, doomed… it all goes with you.  Remember though, so do the smiles, laughter, those loud sounds of doom.  For some, when the music is loud enough, heavy or powerful enough, it can fill in the splintered, spiderweb cracks.  Sonically shudder the broken back to whole.  Compel you to smile, laugh, or gaze in amazement at how insanely talented some humans are.  Those who create such powerful sounds that let you forget for even a moment the doomed state of things in or surrounding us all.

We find that dark, lung-melting beauty and present it all math-pretty in a list for you to pluck out, tune in, and zone on.  Compiling newer…

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