Live Reaction with CLEEN!

When I met the band Cleen on Facebook, I heard a couple of their songs, all of which are on YouTube. I’m seeing a lot of this lately: bands uploading songs straight to that platform. It was unconventional enough to go Independent and upload straight to Bandcamp, and now it’s been taken a step further. […]

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Newbie Doomer: Lo-Pan Pathfinder

I can say for someone who does not always love guitar solos this one was right up my alley. You are not even at the 5-minute mark and they are full-on just killing it here. It almost makes me want to slam dance against the Boomer but I don’t think he would be up for that at least not during morning coffee

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Stoner/Doom Review:Clouds Taste Satanic’s Tales of Demonic Possession

here is a long history of this kind of music, dating back to Classical or Symphonic works vs. the Opera approach, and brought to “modern” sensibilities beginning with Mike Oldfield’s famous Tubular Bells in the early 70’s. Clouds Taste Satanic is clearly aware of all that history, and have produced another work of art that both honors the past while moving Stoner/Doom forward.

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