The Single Life: Luurch unleashes The Pull (AKA Giraffe Nuts)


Man, I love this band. And there’s a lot to love about them. They’re genuinely nice and fun-loving guys. They don’t take themselves too seriously. And they’re totally surprised at their success over the past year.

The thing is, that ain’t nothin’. Most of y’all have never heard of this low-key band who have this ability to unleash unbridled power in a fun, engaging package. And I swear to gawd, it’s only going to take one person, the right person, to hear these guys and go nuts over them. This is the band that labels are looking for but don’t know where to find them.

I’m telling you: The Pull is epic, amazing, heavy and…fun. Plenty of hooks, head-banging riffs and fist-pumping choruses. The only thing missing is…you! Ya gotta hear this….

This is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, and if you give it a chance, it might make an impact on you as well. It feels like it comes from a bigger band, a much bigger band. One that gets airplay, fills concert halls, and headlines tours.

Check out my reaction video (live, with the the band). Hit ’em up on Bandcamp, maybe even throw them a buck or two for the single. Luurch is the real thing, and if the upcoming full release is anything like this, they might have a monster on their hands.

And if I had a small, independent label, I’d take a few notes…

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