Doomcakes’ Top 9 Albums of November

Doomcakes’ Top 9 Albums of November: After diving into the month’s new releases, Stephanie has compiled a list of nine standout albums for the Doom Charts. These specially-curated picks feature a host of talented bands and a variety of music genres including retro rock, space rock, stoner rock and more. The selection was guided by a commitment to quality and uniqueness, ensuring the music truly stands apart.

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Clean and Sober Stoner Top 10 albums of November

Top 10 albums of November: I know that a lot of us are probably a little panicked at the amount of work ahead of us as we slide into December. I feel the urge, the temptation to wrap 2023 in a nice package and a shiny bow. In the meantime, we still have 30 days left in a year this has been absolutely fantastic across the entire spectrum of the heavy underground.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 26

The post discusses several standout music releases, highlighting Fool’s Idol’s Autumn EP for its blend of punk energy with serene elements, Valley of the Sun’s The Sayings of the Seers for its uplifting stoner-alternative rock experience, and Seedy Jeezus for their feel-good energy. A single track, Wrong Eyes from No Skull, and albums from Damage Therapy and Electric Wizard are also appreciated for their unique elements and contributions to the garage rock and doom metal genres respectively.

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Stoned Jesus: Father Light

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re here, you know of a little band from Kiev called Stoned Jesus. These guys have been making amazing stoner/doom music for over a decade now, and they released their latest album, Father Light, in March of this year. This is the band’s first release in five years, […]

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Skull Servant: Traditional Black Magicks II

Skull Servant’s Traditional Black Magicks II has been praised for its outstanding guitar work and unique lyrics. The album, despite being filled with low fidelity recording, received admiration from critics for its “nuts and bolts musicianship”. Critics encourage the band to better their recording quality while maintaining their talent for their next release, showing appreciation for the band’s authenticity and fearlessness in their performances.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 19th

Doomcakes describes her music listens for the week and the discovery of new releases despite the busy period. Highlights include John Garcia’s self-titled debut album, Pearl Jam’s ‘Rearviewmirror’, and singles from Yeast Machine, and 1000mods. The writer also enjoyed songs from Wet Cactus and Colour Haze. The eclectic list attests to a week spent uncovering music from various corners of the audio-web.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 12th

Doomcakes shares a nostalgic retrospective of classic albums while also highlighting a new release in the mix. The week’s theme is termed “The Classics”, reviewing albums from Dozer, The Pixies, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Melvins, and a new release from AcidSitter. Across genres from stoner/desert rock to grunge and alternative, the author reminisces and appreciates the power of the old tunes alongside newer sounds.

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Aiwass: The Falling

“Aiwass: The Falling,” the top-ranking album on Bandcamp, is garnering attention for its unique, conceptual approach. Beyond its musical innovation, the album offers in-depth exploration of subjects like the Golden Dawn and Western Mysticism. Aiwass constructs the album on lived experiences, beyond just referencing these themes. Many laud it as one of the best albums of the year and anticipate its potential as a legacy work, marking a significant evolutionary step for the band.

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Doomcakes’ Top 17 Albums for October

In her monthly music review, Doomcakes provides a heartfelt commentary on how music impacts her and shares her personal rating of various albums. She explains her preference for albums that evoke strong emotions, particularly negative ones, as they make the listener identify more with the song. She mentions her October’s top 17 albums and the reasons why she likes each one. Among the top-rated albums are Beastwars’ ‘Tyranny of Distance’, Purple Kong’s ‘Blood Lightning’, and the top album ‘Giant Lungs’ by Giant Lungs.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 29th

Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 29th: This week, yours truly has contracted the plague from her travels. By plague I mean the common cold and by travels I mean errands, probably. I don’t fall ill often, so when I do, it throws me for quite the proverbial loop and inevitably frustrates me. There’s definitely something very defeating about not having the mental and physical fortitude to do the things that make you happiest. As a result, the theme of this week’s list is, by default, chill vibes. That is, music you can veg out and “get better” to. 

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The single Life: Luurch and Evilleaf

Oh, and those of you within driving distance of Gastonia, North Carolina are in for a treat on October 29th, when both Luurch and Evilleaf join forces with Skull Servant and the legendary Grave Next Door for a Night of Doom at The Rooster. It’s one of the best lineups to hit Gastonia… ever!

Even if you can’t make it to Gastonia, you owe it to yourself to check out this single, and kick yourself for missing an opportunity to see it happen live…

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 21

Doomcakes’ Most Listened: October 21

This week has had two very distinct sides for me. On one hand, it’s been an insanely busy one for me personally, so I’ve been using my favorite music to help me focus and center myself whenever I can. That most often means revisiting some of my favorite older albums.

On the other hand, as per usual, I’ve spent a good portion of my free time listening to some of these amazing new releases we’ve been graced with this month in our little stoner/doom community

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Review: Scum by The Gate

The Gate is the more “serious” of the two. While Eight Foot Manchild is built on humor as well as brilliant instrumentation, The Gate is more focused on the uglier, “doomier” side of things. Heck, in many ways their musical approach has as much akin to Black Metal as it does Doom. First and foremost, however, this is Doom completely and firmly rooted in jazz.

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Stephanie’s Most Listened to Albums of the Week 10.13!

So, here for all you straight-and-to-the-point readers out there, I present to you, Stephanie’s Most Listened to Albums of the Week 10.13! Now, if you’re feeling extra efficient, you can just check out the lovely photo grid and move on. Boom. But, if you’re feeling a bit more patient, I’ve written up a relatively terse description of each album on said grid. Choose your adventure! 

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Thunderdope: Planet Weed

Thunderdope hooked me with their Nirvana cover, kept me listening with two solid tracks of their own unique brand of stoner music, and even got Doomcakes herself to listen to a fourteen minute song. Not too shabby. Based on what I’ve heard on this EP alone, I really think these guys could go in any direction they wanted to. 

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September 2023 Top 10 Stoner/Doom releases: Stephanie

The best analogy I can conjure up will resonate with my fellow millennials: Think of it like ranking your top ten MySpace friends circa 2006. You have albums you like for different reasons, that fit different moods, etc. Even though I wanted everyone to be number one, I finally narrowed it down, and I present to you: Stephanie’s September 2023 Top 10 Stoner/Doom releases

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Black Magic and Witchcraft in Stoner/Doom: Blake Carrera from Aiwass

Black Magic and Witchcraft, even Satanism has always been a part of Metal. Stoner/Doom is no different. Hell, Dopelord is releasing Songs for Satan next month! The thing is, its hard to tell the difference between the entertainment and rebellious side of Satanic imagery and references, and the bands that are real. As in: they’re […]

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Dopelord: Songs for Satan

Listening to Songs for Satan left me feeling like I’d just watched a good horror movie; a bit shaken and certainly thoughtful, wishing I actually could have seen this very story depicted visually. Creating a concept album was a great idea and fit for Dopelord, and they executed it incredibly well. The songs sucked you into the story, each one leaving you dying to know what would happen next. I can’t say that any other concept album I’ve listened to has had me that invested. 

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Lord Velvet: Astral Lady

Lord Velvet is an absolute force to be reckoned with. I have no clue what otherworldly stuff is going down in the Rockies or what’s in the water there (Coors Light, perhaps?), but something is afoot, and it’s awesome. It’s always incredibly refreshing and honestly a bit mindblowing to hear insanely talented musicians nowadays, especially in the age where anyone with a MacBook can be a musician. But, these guys have it. They come together not only with their individual skill sets, but with their own unique musical influences to create something epic. 

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Dead Feathers: Full Circle

Overall, I can hardly find words to express how proud I am of the progress this amazing band has made in a very short time. It’s very evident that they’ve grown and matured as a band and as individual musicians. That renewed vitality is palpable throughout the entire album. Dead Feathers was great before, and they’re even better now.

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Damn This Wizard Tattoo

Look, your either gonna buy or stream this now, or you’re gonna wait 10 years or more until someone else pulls this out of the air and it gets celebrated for the classic that it is. You, gentle reader, have the opportunity to experience the greatness of Fables of the Damned and Wizard Tattoo now! Although I highly recommend buying them off Bandcamp and getting the lyrics to fully enjoy the experience.

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WTF Is Clean And Sober Stoner?

So, if I’m really honest about it, Clean and Sober Stoner is partially a good-natured jab at the rigidity of traditional recovery. But it’s also a jab at Stoner/Doom culture as well, and the obsession the scene can have with a certain flower bud. It’s not out of anger, it’s just that the two extremes are kinda funny when you step back and look at it.

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Throwing Down Live at the Local 506: Imperfect Son, EvilLeaf and Lie Heavy

I always flashback to opening bands from back in the day, usually some variance of White suburban punk band with a chip on their shoulder and a bad cocaine habit coupled with an inhuman tolerance to alcohol while wearing a ripped Blag Flag or Bad Brains t-shirt. This was certainly not that.

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The Single Life: Luurch unleashes The Pull (AKA Giraffe Nuts)

Check out my reaction video (live, with the the band). Hit ’em up on Bandcamp, maybe even throw them a buck or two for the single. Luurch is the real thing, and if the upcoming full release is anything like this, they might have a monster on their hands.

And if I had a small, independent label, I’d take a few notes…

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Vote for Evil Leaf!!!

Evil Leaf have been great friends and supporters of this blog and YouTube Channel, and I don’t know what we’d do without them! They have a GOOD chance for a spot in a lineup that would give them great exposure and help take them to the next level. They’ve been working their asses off, and […]

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