Auralayer Didn’t Get the Memo

…if you like to live on the edge and have no regard for mindless compliance or conformity, this might just be the ticket. But I gotta warn you, Auralayer’s Thousand Petals is probably going to duke it out for Album of the Year at Clean and Sober Stoner, maybe even the Doom Charts, against the likes of Hail the Void, Faery Ring, Snakemother and Acid King. Once you cross that line, it can be hard to go back…

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Damn This Wizard Tattoo

Look, your either gonna buy or stream this now, or you’re gonna wait 10 years or more until someone else pulls this out of the air and it gets celebrated for the classic that it is. You, gentle reader, have the opportunity to experience the greatness of Fables of the Damned and Wizard Tattoo now! Although I highly recommend buying them off Bandcamp and getting the lyrics to fully enjoy the experience.

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Brass of Doom: Eight Foot Manchild Worships at the Shrine of the Orange Sunn

f you’re already a fan of Eight Foot Manchild, this is an EP to go nuts over. If you’re new to the band, this is the perfect time to dive straight in. This is a well-planned and executed dose of Doombrass that exceeds my expectations in every way. With Shrine of the Orange Sunn, they’re clearly evolving past the “novelty act” they could easily become. The cleaver lyrics, nods to Zappa and Crimson, and movie clips are all here.

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DOOMED: Sermon of the Edacious Revenant by the Salt Pale Collective

What makes it enjoyable is the care, craft, and effort The Salt Pale Collective has put into it. I highly recommend it if you like dark atmosphere, brutal riffs, and a story worth listening to. They also slip in some clean, haunting vocals that add rather than distract from the narrative. These guys know what they’re doing!

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The Great Gray Funk

But if you crave something out of the ordinary, with a dash of elegance in your dark and foreboding music, The Great Gray Funk might be your next favorite band. And if you have anything in your audio gear better than generic iPods or Beats, you’re in for a sonic treat!

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Acid King: Beyond Freedom

Acid King strikes me as the quintessential American band. The real America, the one that doesn’t take sides, posturing, or force one’s will upon another. There’s only the open road ahead, full of possibilities and the consequences of our choices and actions. A ragtag tribe of misfits, worshipping the sound of a lone Gibson into an overdriven tube amp, head cocked back, eyes glazed and focusing on the ether as the chord goes ever on, the pulse of drums injecting chaos into the proceedings as the bass rattles our guts.

Cracked window paint

Lead paint doesn’t taste so bad

Slow that’s the only way I know.

Indeed, and as it ever was. The once and future Acid King.

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Queens of the Stone Age: In Times New Roman

I’m old school. An album is a complete body of work created to be enjoyed and experienced as a whole. As a Zeppelin fanatic, I’m all in on the album vs single concept. Zep stood their ground and I’m a firm believer in enjoying the complete soundscape, not snapshots. In Times New Roman checked this box for me; to be more accurate, it’s more like a laser-guided missile that hit precisely where that little check box on the card is. This, friends, is an album. Top to bottom, front to back.

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