Vitskar Suden’s “Thriller” Cover: a New Holiday Classic

Stoner Rock Army

Vitskar Suden’s “Thriller” cover is about everything you could expect or want from the band. The song is virtually unrecognizable from the original: glacially slow, ominous, and full of the guitar-driven atmosphere that fans love.

Anyone familiar with the gang here at Clean and Sober Stoner will know we’re huge fans of Vitskar Suden, and you can see for yourself in this review of The Faceless King that I wrote last year.

With more Vitskar Suden on our exclusive YouTube interview here.

But that’s not all folks! A few days ago, I got a chance to talk to the band about “Thriller”, the idea behind it, and how they did it.

You can check the single out without all my silliness at The Obelisk.

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