DOOMED: Sermon of the Edacious Revenant by the Salt Pale Collective

If you think the name of this single by The Salt Pale Collective is over the top, wait until you hear it. Especially if your idea of heaviness is in line with extreme bands like Primitive Man.

But it’s when you whip out your handy dictionary or look up key words that you realize how heavy the song really is. Let me make it easy: edacious just means “related to or given to eating.” Make use of the same tool to look up the first two words and you find that preta is a Hindi/Buddhist term for a hungry ghost, and agwi is Korean for the same kind of specter.

Just that little bit of effort for me is all it took to be able to sink in and absorb what The Salt Pale Collective is laying down here. It’s creepy enough stuff, and on the surface similar to what we’ve heard before. Opeth comes to mind, but I think these guys are more direct in the presentation. They have just as much going on musically, but the focus is on atmosphere rather than technical prowess.

The Salt Pale Collective: feel the glare!

Getting into this kind of heavy music is always a challenge for me. Sure, I absolutely love the deep, dark, doomy a stuff. But that doesn’t mean I’d like something right away. Music like this can be overwhelming, the guitars are truly dark and heavy, and growling vocals can have a tendency to come across as nothing but atmosphere.

That’s not the case here, and The Salt Pale Collective have very smartly include the lyrics on Bandcamp. I don’t know about you, but for me, that makes all the difference in the world. I guess it’s the closest thing to actually getting an album cover with liner notes, which always enhanced my experience back when I listened to vinyl.

Sermon of Edacious Revenant is not enjoyable as background music, and it’s probably not gonna be your first choice at your next party. What makes it enjoyable is the care, craft, and effort The Salt Pale Collective has put into it. I highly recommend it if you like dark atmosphere, brutal riffs, and a story worth listening to. They also slip in some clean, haunting vocals that add rather than detract from the narrative. These guys know what they’re doing!

On Bandcamp they reference a new album is coming out soon, titled A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees. Give me a “Hell Yeah,” on that one, and put this on your list of most anticipated albums. In the meantime, put this on repeat a few times!

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