Mean Green: How Mean is the Green?

I think “fame” is a relative term. On the one hand is Taylor Swift or Chris Rock fame, the kind that’s utterly unachievable for 99.9999% of of us. On the other hand is “breaking out”fame, when hundreds or thousands of people who all of a sudden not only know who you are, but want MOAR!!!

Unless you’re a narcissist, it raises the temperature of your life to uncomfortable levels. One day, your humming along in the comfort of relative obscurity, and the next…well, all of a sudden whatever you say or do matters to more people than you personally know.

This is the kind of “fame” that Mean Green is dealing with, right now. They went from being totally obscure in their niche in Boone, to hundreds of people being aware of them, buying their album and wanting to see them. I think it’s a scary spot to be in. It’s hard to make sense of it, hard to know what to do with it.

I jumped at the chance to interview them after I heard the first song off of their debut, Mean Green. As I point out at the end, it was a no-brainer. Please, check out the video: I finally made a shorter one. I think it’s a revealing glimpse at a small band that’s no longer so small.

It’s also a glimpse at…us. All of us in the the Heavy Underground who ever heard Sabbath, Weedeater or Windhand and thought to ourselves, “I want, I need, to be a part of that.”

Mean Green is proof that we are…

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