Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath


I love this post. Experiencing someone hearing and reacting to it was special. Especially since Newbie had no exposure to it at all.

Enjoy! -SWSpiers

Reviewing this song almost feels like you are reviewing the Bible to a group of super Catholics who have won 1st place in the Bible knowledge competition. When the Clean and Sober Stoner boyfriend suggested this as the next song, it felt intimidating. Black Sabbath is the start of a lot of the Stoner Doom and rock Era. How could I tell the 14 year old, now manchild, that I may not love the first band he fell in love with? Ok Boomer, I accept the challenge. I know it’s a nail-biter.

I didn’t look at the lyrics the first time through. I just wanted the full musical experience. And what I am learning is that Doom is an experience. These are artists who are putting on a performance not just teen K-poppers who are giving you a 3 minute quickie that gets your heart rate up just to be let down when they finish before you do. Girls, you know what I mean.

It starts with rain. Not just rain but a thunderstorm. And you hear the bell. My mind instantly goes to “For whom the bell tolls.” Interesting start to trigger the mind, and you wonder where is this going to take me. For the first 30 seconds, that’s all you hear. Then the first chords slow and hard but still with the bell and a guitar flutter. That’s what makes it feel like they are setting the stage. The movie in my mind is beginning to form. The dark gray sky. The old run down church that has boarded up windows and no one uses anymore. The bell hasn’t been used in centuries, yet tonight it tolls. Loud and clear. Something is coming. And my heart is fluttering.

Then it begins. They take down to soft drums and guitar for the first verse.. The lyrics are rough and slow. Almost agonizing. “What is this that stands before me? A figure in black which points at me” And you start to understand where you are going on this journey. The pleading in his voice “Oh no!” Back to heart fluttering guitar. “Satan’s sitting there, he’s smiling…Oh, no, no, no ,no God help me!

Then the next act begins. The guitars here make it feel like you are literally running. And the movie in my mind can visualize that you are running from Satan. I must escape. Can I escape? Where is he? “People running cause their scared. The people better go and beware. No, no please, no.” The guitar solo at the end creates that frantic feeling. He’s running for his life. But then there is the finality of the last chords. And it is finished.

Wow. What an emotionally moving song. If there were ever an OK Doomer musical this would have to be included. It creates an epic vision if a story and warning. It’s really good from that perspective. Will it hit my playlist for in the car to rock out to. Probably not. This one makes me too emotional. Good pick from the Clean and Sober Stoner. I’m emotionally spent from this one. I’m off to roll over and cuddle with my pillow till my heart rate returns to normal and my afterglow is finished glowing. That all for this one. Thanks for checking in. Catch you next time. ❤ Your favorite Newbie Doomer!

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