The DoomBrass of Eight Foot Manchild

It happens, you know. Trying to focus on tasks that need done, and practically praying something, anything will distract me.

That’s exactly what happened when Dylan from Eight Foot Manchild sent me an email inviting me to write a review of their new single, Born Invincible. Just the diversion I needed! I sent him a reply, trying to break it to him that I don’t have time to write. But… if he didn’t mind I’d record a reaction video. He gave me an, “Of Course!”, and I was blissfully distracted.

Because producing, editing, and uploading a YouTube video is so much easier (hint- it’s NOT.)

Regardless of the devil’s bargain I’d entered into, I had a blast! The song is great, as much from the originality of the arrangement as the tune itself.

Guitar? Check. Drums? Check. Bass,,,uh, tuba? Check!!! And bari sax and trombone as well. With power chords arranged with brass instruments, with some WICKED guitar thrown in. A totally good-time all the way around…as you can see in the video.

Eight Foot Manchild, besides having one of the best names I’ve heard in a while, kinda threatens tradition in a few ways. With an EP and selected singles due to come out over the next few months, my Boomer Brain immediately thought, “They’re doing this all wrong!” I even begged for a full release at the end of the video.

Well, after some thought, I’ve changed my mind. I’m pretty sure most of the members are Millennials or Gen Z, with maybe a Gen-Xer in the mix. My dinosaur habit of single/album/tour probably doesn’t work any more, most likely not for a while. I’m not sure I should be so quick to dismiss the strategy.

Anyway, that’s my deep thought for the day. I mean, the world is changing. Stoner/Doom is changing, with ol’ Boomers and X-ers beginning to hear the influence of our generations on a new crop of insanely talented, misunderstood and highly creative youngsters.

With bands like Eight Foot Manchild around, I’m glad I got to live long enough to hear it!

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