Weekend Quickie: Luurch- The Blackest Tale

If you described to me what Luurch sounds like, I probably wouldn’t be too interested. They’re not Stoner, not Doom, not in any way I’d recognize. The band members play “sick leads, guttural growls,” and the drummer just “hits stuff.” Nothing that would ever interest me.


I was just perusing Facebook a while ago, on a break during a 5-day seminar That. Never. Fucking. Ends. Came across this band, chatted with ’em a bit after seeing they’re approaching 500 followers. Thought I’d pitch in, do my part and take advantage of an extended break during my fourth 14-hour day. I even pitched in a couple bucks on their “Name Your Price” Bandcamp offerings.

Good Gawd!!!!!

I honestly don’t know how to describe this music. Too fast to “Luurch”, that’s for sure. Just bang after bang after bang. Jody B, the guy who hits stuff, kinda steals the show at times with an almost jazz-technique with the occasional blast-beats. Ferocious drumming, y’all.

The guitars rage and wail and playfully swirl through the songs, effortlessly pummeling you on one hand, tickling you with the other. Again, not sure how to describe this stuff, and I might need to consult the Master – Mr. Steve Howe from Outlaws of the Sun on this one.

Vocals, mostly shouted, occasionally gutturally growling, are so damn fun I don’t want it to stop. Ever. Oh, and the guys shout, in harmony, if you can believe it. Kinda like The Offspring meets Angel Witch.

Ok, back to the Seminar. My eyes are crossing, I’m zoning out, ready to tap out, put my head on a desk and cry myself to sleep. Luurch are just the double-shot of vitamin fortified espresso I badly needed. And I have some really good balls-to-the-walls tunes in my head to carry me through…

Look, all their stuff is name your own price. Personally, I threw ’em a couple bucks. If you can afford something, I think Luurch needs to be strongly and resoundingly encouraged to keep the party going, release a full LP, and scramble our brains a bit more. If nothing else, “Like” their Facebook page.

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