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You know, as a counselor and life coach, I’m keenly, acutely aware when I see a situation that, frankly, contributes to the social ills and turmoil we’ve collectively experienced over the past two years. Sure, the pandemic may have contributed to the burden we’ve had to carry, and the political turmoil that permeates the news probably had a role in it as well.

My training requires me to dig deeper and identify the issues behind the tumult. And, after minutes of sincere and uninterrupted contemplation, I realized I’ve experienced a similar discontent in my life, that 1967 had it’s own disruptions. Then, a miraculous invention emerged, and aside from Vietnam, Nixon, and Roller Derby playing on those new-fangled UHF stations across this free land of freedom, things did get pretty calm.

I don’t think that anyone can credibly deny that the emergence of the Lava Lamp, and the “party favors” that accompanied its transcendence, contributed to the more chill nature of the 70’s, until Punk showed up and ruined the party.

Regardless, we at Clean and Sober Stoner HQ have a social conscience. We realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic in their town, and may not have access to this vital, some would say “indispensable” object of Global Harmony.

We can, as a community, unite once and for all, and tackle the blight that is LavaLamp Syndrome Disease, or LSD. As a Public Service, please enjoy, and share, the video below. Together, we can make a difference, and all you need to do is like and subscribe to the video below. Unsure? Then ask yourself, am I willing to make this one sacrifice, to help just one person? We think the answer is: YES!

On the other hand, this may be a shameless ploy to promote my plans to launch a Youtube Channel in 2023. And this might simply be the first thing I’ve ever “edited” by looping it and adding a simple title screen.

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  1. Very cool lava lamp meditation! Add some faerie chimes to go with it and you will have your self a ultimate relaxation fest!😎 I sold many lava lamps when I worked at Spencers Gifts but I don’t own one. I decided instead to spend my entire paycheck on a cool color changing fiber optic light which looked great with my Fleetwood Mac and Journey posters. 🤩 Ahhh, youth! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Looking forward to your YouTube channel!

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