Late to the Party: Righteous Fool

Here’s a quick glimpse behind the scenes and Cleanandsoberstoner Headquarters: it’s been busy. Not only did I leave my job in May, I kinda jettisoned my career for a bit and started my own business. Actually, two businesses. In addition, I moved. It’s taken a while to get the HQ set-up, get back on track and actually DO something with this site.

In the meantime, I’ve lapsed in my goal of posting gobs of good Stoner/Doom, heavy psych, and stay caught up on the book. Last night I was hooking up the sound system in the staff lounge, i.e. the porch. Turns out there’s been a decent set of Polk outdoor speakers the whole time, waiting to shred with that mythical mid-range and crystal-clear treble that make them such a good bargain.

We played a quick game of “who’s this”, since I got my Roon piped in with a couple terabytes of music off my Drobo, and noticed, “hey, this sounds pretty good.” They tell me I bobbed my head to Katy Perry, but without evidence I’m fuzzy on the details.

Roon rocks, and after skimming through a couple tracks, it randomly chose one that…I hadn’t heard. I took a look and saw it was Righteous Fool, from right down the road in Raleigh. I’m like, “oh yeah, I meant to check this out” as it began to shred the layers of my face off with some of the best shredding….like, ever.

How the hell did I miss this! Yeah: job, business, moving. But we all need priorities, and this was an epic failure on my part. Not the only one, either. So I gotta play catch-up with something I call Late to the Party. And this one is a big party-foul.

To keep it quick, over the past few years I’ve noticed that bands like Plainride, Birdstone and Scorched Oak (all from Europe) have been whoopin’ our butts when it comes to down-and-dirty, blues tinged rock. One bright spot is Holy Death Trio, but other than that, we’ve got a lot of good but little great.

That’s not the case any more. If you don’t know the pedigree, this band has the rhythm section from Corrosion of Conformity- Mike Dean and the late Reed Mullin, along with shred-meister Jason Browning. If you haven’t heard of, or heard, this slab of red-hot magma yet, you’re as late to the party as I am. If I may suggest: fix that. This is heavy-rock with a tinge of everything great, and may actually melt your face off.

Stream it, download it, buy it.

Extremely highly recommended. Another quality Ripple Records release!

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