The Team


Editor-in Chief and token Boomer. Been listening to the heavy stuff since ’75 with no fun consumables since ’92. Moonlights as a counselor and occasionally plugs his bass into an amp.


Julie AKA “Newbie Doomer”

CEO of this whole thing, lets the other guy keep the “Editor-in-Chief” tag as a resume bump. Expert on all things Auto-tune.

Colin Petersen

Colin was born and raised in Calumet City, Illinois. He currently resides in Northwest Indiana and is the
guitarist for Chicago-based Stoner/Doom/Psych band, Shadow of Jupiter. You can find him moonlighting
most weekends with fellow SoJ drummer, Adam Kazragys and Novembers Doom guitarist, Larry Roberts
in their cover band, Underground Prophets. While countless genres, bands, and musicians have
influenced him throughout his lifetime, Led Zeppelin is the center of his musical universe. He usually smiles a lot after trimming his beard.

Stephanie Page AKA “_Doomcakes_”

Stephanie hails from Virginia and splits her time between being a metalhead, amateur
bodybuilder, and mom. Her interest in metal began in junior high, and has evolved to primarily revolve around doom metal and stoner rock. She especially enjoys old school doom metal. Her favorite bands include Black Sabbath, Goatess, and Orchid. She spends most of her time on Instagram embarrassing Boomers with her knowledge of Doom and ability to upload pictures.