The Perfect Album: Snakemother

As powerful and crushing as the music is, there’s a lightness and effortlessness to the performances that take it beyond the genre of “Doom”, while remaining unmistakably DOOM. Snakemother are like a combination of Faetooth meets Messa with a dose of Opeth, YOB and Trouble, a dash of The Bangles and a hint of Bananarama. It all comes together to form that most elusive gem: The Perfect Album.

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Late Week Quickie: Kthulus/ A Thing Long Forgotten

Kthulus hails from Kamloops, British Columbia. I stumbled onto them on Instagram, when they started following me. Seeing the logo, I had to check them out. It’s basically a two-piece unit, with Jared Ehler on harsh, lead vocals. Sean Raven handles everything else, including “drum programming.” I LOVE this EP. I was describing it to […]

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