The Perfect Album: Snakemother

As powerful and crushing as the music is, there’s a lightness and effortlessness to the performances that take it beyond the genre of “Doom”, while remaining unmistakably DOOM. Snakemother are like a combination of Faetooth meets Messa with a dose of Opeth, YOB and Trouble, a dash of The Bangles and a hint of Bananarama. It all comes together to form that most elusive gem: The Perfect Album.

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Masamune and Muramasa Turned to Stone Chapter 2

I don’t think Turned to Stone Chapter 2 is getting anywhere near the attention it deserves. So, if this blog post brings even one person into contact with this inventive, creative, and surprisingly original concept, I’ll have done my part.  No matter what, don’t take my, or anyone else’s word for it. Listen to it, buy it, and share it with someone else. It might just open up a whole new world for someone waiting for something truly epic!

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