WTF Is Clean And Sober Stoner?

So, if I’m really honest about it, Clean and Sober Stoner is partially a good-natured jab at the rigidity of traditional recovery. But it’s also a jab at Stoner/Doom culture as well, and the obsession the scene can have with a certain flower bud. It’s not out of anger, it’s just that the two extremes are kinda funny when you step back and look at it.

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Evil Leaf: Slow Burn

It’s no secret that Evil Leaf has been a favorite on this site ever since they released their single, Tenebris, a few months ago. Recently, they released their first EP, Slow Burn. . So- does the EP live up to the hype I’ve had? Absolutely. This is a dose of well-written and smartly-produced Doom tracks […]

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