Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 19th

Doomcakes describes her music listens for the week and the discovery of new releases despite the busy period. Highlights include John Garcia’s self-titled debut album, Pearl Jam’s ‘Rearviewmirror’, and singles from Yeast Machine, and 1000mods. The writer also enjoyed songs from Wet Cactus and Colour Haze. The eclectic list attests to a week spent uncovering music from various corners of the audio-web.

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Road to Burn- 1000mods

Overall I felt this was very Kyuss like and had a great velvety guitar that would make this song stay on the Okay Doomer playlist. I am feeling like I may be developing a style of music within Doom that I like. I am excited to keep experiencing this genre and sharing my observations with you.

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