Welcome to Cleanandsoberstoner.com, where I celebrate all things heavy, but without the aid of mind-altering drugs. I’m a person in long-term recovery, a licensed counselor and a part-time bass player. I’m also a contributor to the both the Stoner Rock Army and the Doom Charts.

I’m also self-publishing my book on this site, Thirty Years of Heavy Recovery, an autobiographical novel about what happened after I put down the bongs and beers. I’m posting one chapter at a time, with new chapters every month or so. I probably won’t have anything new for a while, but I’m not abandoning it.

As far as the “Clean and Sober” thing goes, it’s a bit on the ironic side. Yes, I’ve been Clean and Sober for over 30 years. The thing is, when I was active in certain 12-Step fellowships (which I am not, and haven’t been for about 7 years), one of the most hated phrases was clean and sober. At least back in the 90’s, it was a big deal in Northern California. I’ve seen hundreds of people get shut down in an open meeting just for saying those words. Something about carrying a mixed message (I thought the message was you didn’t need to use or drink anymore. Silly me…)

The other side of the fence is…surprisingly cool with it. I’ve had ONE dude from ONE band call me out on it. As usual, Stoners generally don’t care one way or another. Actually, quite a few get the joke. go figure…

You can check out my Bandcamp profile here: https://bandcamp.com/grueller. This is where I buy most of my music, because of the money that goes to the bands. In fact, the whole reason for this site and my upcoming projects is to support the bands, as much as I can.

So again, thanks for visiting. Please sign up for the mailing list. I don’t bug you much, but I do plan on having special content ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS in the near future

Latest Posts:

Late to the Party: Hum- One

If you hunger, CRAVE modern, post-rock-on-the-verge-of progressive, heavy psych with a dash of stoner, you should definitely add Hum to your collection. The entire album runs a mere 38 minutes, and every song comes across as the perfect, edited version of what the song should be. One is like a collection of my favorite bits…

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The Slow Attack: Higher Than This!

It’s the kind of whiskey-strained voice that just gets the crowd pumping and challenges the guitars for dominance. The bass playing is low-down and up to no good, reaching deep into your gut and making it clear where the boogie lies. Plenty of air drummers are gonna be smashing the smokey haze with empty hands…

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