Being clean and sober doesn’t mean I had to give up a “stoner” lifestyle. Heavy, psychedelic music is still as important to me as ongoing therapy or a support group. Actually, even more important.

Welcome to Cleanandsoberstoner.com, where I celebrate all things heavy, but without the aid of mind-altering drugs. I’m a person in long-term recovery, a licensed counselor and a part-time bass player. This is where I post reviews of music, do some cultural commentary and try to share what I’ve learned along the way.

I’m also self-publishing my book on this site, Thirty Years of Heavy Recovery, an autobiographical novel about what happened after I put down the bongs and beers. I’m posting one chapter at a time, with new chapters every week or so.

You can check out my Bandcamp profile here: https://bandcamp.com/grueller. This is where I buy most of my music, because of the money that goes to the bands.

Here’s the Spotify Playlist for the book, which is also a work in progress:

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If I ever have a heart attack at a show, they should just put the speaker on my chest and play some strong bass chord. I am sure my heart will be … Elder

Colour Haze: Sacred

Only time will tell, but this may be the definitive album from the Colour Haze to date. It’s literally like a Greatest Hits package, but all the songs are new. They’ve managed to take every cool element from 13 prior releases and distill them into one perfect record that does the impossible: Sacred places Colour Haze on an even higher pedestal.

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