Stoned Jesus: Father Light

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re here, you know of a little band from Kiev called Stoned Jesus. These guys have been making amazing stoner/doom music for over a decade now, and they released their latest album, Father Light, in March of this year. This is the band’s first release in five years, […]

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Skull Servant: Traditional Black Magicks II

Skull Servant’s Traditional Black Magicks II has been praised for its outstanding guitar work and unique lyrics. The album, despite being filled with low fidelity recording, received admiration from critics for its “nuts and bolts musicianship”. Critics encourage the band to better their recording quality while maintaining their talent for their next release, showing appreciation for the band’s authenticity and fearlessness in their performances.

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Doomcakes’ Most Listened: November 19th

Doomcakes describes her music listens for the week and the discovery of new releases despite the busy period. Highlights include John Garcia’s self-titled debut album, Pearl Jam’s ‘Rearviewmirror’, and singles from Yeast Machine, and 1000mods. The writer also enjoyed songs from Wet Cactus and Colour Haze. The eclectic list attests to a week spent uncovering music from various corners of the audio-web.

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Aiwass: The Falling

“Aiwass: The Falling,” the top-ranking album on Bandcamp, is garnering attention for its unique, conceptual approach. Beyond its musical innovation, the album offers in-depth exploration of subjects like the Golden Dawn and Western Mysticism. Aiwass constructs the album on lived experiences, beyond just referencing these themes. Many laud it as one of the best albums of the year and anticipate its potential as a legacy work, marking a significant evolutionary step for the band.

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Doomcakes’ Top 17 Albums for October

In her monthly music review, Doomcakes provides a heartfelt commentary on how music impacts her and shares her personal rating of various albums. She explains her preference for albums that evoke strong emotions, particularly negative ones, as they make the listener identify more with the song. She mentions her October’s top 17 albums and the reasons why she likes each one. Among the top-rated albums are Beastwars’ ‘Tyranny of Distance’, Purple Kong’s ‘Blood Lightning’, and the top album ‘Giant Lungs’ by Giant Lungs.

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The single Life: Luurch and Evilleaf

Oh, and those of you within driving distance of Gastonia, North Carolina are in for a treat on October 29th, when both Luurch and Evilleaf join forces with Skull Servant and the legendary Grave Next Door for a Night of Doom at The Rooster. It’s one of the best lineups to hit Gastonia… ever!

Even if you can’t make it to Gastonia, you owe it to yourself to check out this single, and kick yourself for missing an opportunity to see it happen live…

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