Roe Vs. Wade: brief thoughts

My newbie-doomer, who has a pretty cool job, told me one of her employees needed to take the afternoon off and cry. I said, “That won’t help. Now’s not the time to hide in a safe room.” Newbies reaction, real and deep, told me that it’s time for me to STFU. Just for now. See, […]

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Trying to find my voice

The morning after the election of Donald J Trump remains one of the worst my worst mornings in recent times. The sheer level of anger I felt was frightening, both to myself and my partner who I was with at the time. The one constant image in my head was inspired by Michael Moore’s program […]

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Is Jeff Sessions Evil?

Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions evil? Probably not. I just happened to disagree with just about everything he does, thinks, says, or writes. That doesn’t make him evil, even if it is currently fashionable to demonize people one disagrees with. Is United States drug policy evil? Absolutely! And before you think I’m about to go […]

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