The Perfect Album: Snakemother

As powerful and crushing as the music is, there’s a lightness and effortlessness to the performances that take it beyond the genre of “Doom”, while remaining unmistakably DOOM. Snakemother are like a combination of Faetooth meets Messa with a dose of Opeth, YOB and Trouble, a dash of The Bangles and a hint of Bananarama. It all comes together to form that most elusive gem: The Perfect Album.

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WTF Is Clean And Sober Stoner?

So, if I’m really honest about it, Clean and Sober Stoner is partially a good-natured jab at the rigidity of traditional recovery. But it’s also a jab at Stoner/Doom culture as well, and the obsession the scene can have with a certain flower bud. It’s not out of anger, it’s just that the two extremes are kinda funny when you step back and look at it.

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Throwing Down Live at the Local 506: Imperfect Son, EvilLeaf and Lie Heavy

I always flashback to opening bands from back in the day, usually some variance of White suburban punk band with a chip on their shoulder and a bad cocaine habit coupled with an inhuman tolerance to alcohol while wearing a ripped Blag Flag or Bad Brains t-shirt. This was certainly not that.

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The Single Life: Luurch unleashes The Pull (AKA Giraffe Nuts)

Check out my reaction video (live, with the the band). Hit ’em up on Bandcamp, maybe even throw them a buck or two for the single. Luurch is the real thing, and if the upcoming full release is anything like this, they might have a monster on their hands.

And if I had a small, independent label, I’d take a few notes…

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Vote for Evil Leaf!!!

Evil Leaf have been great friends and supporters of this blog and YouTube Channel, and I don’t know what we’d do without them! They have a GOOD chance for a spot in a lineup that would give them great exposure and help take them to the next level. They’ve been working their asses off, and […]

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Hibernaut: Ingress

Ingress by Hibernaut is one of my favorite releases so far this year. There’s a spirit, a vibe to it that reminds me of the bad ol’ days, when underground bands didn’t stand a chance against the likes of Cinderella, Ratt or whoever else media moguls declared as Metal. Back in the days when you had to know about a release you read about in a fanzine, or your friends shared with you with hushed tones and wild eyes.

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