Hello fellow bloggers.  I just spent a few minutes perusing some of the other authors here, and it’s more than just a little bit intimidating.  There are some extremely eloquent and artistic writers who have mastered multimedia techniques to create exciting, vibrant, and engaging content.

I’m not that guy.  I cannot see myself inserting cleverly referenced videos for anyone’s reading enjoyment. Then again, until yesterday, I didn’t see myself writing a blog.  So who knows, I may become inspired!

Anyway, if you stumbled upon this blog because of the keyword “recovery”, I need to warn you straightaway: this way be dragons…

The whole purpose of beginning this exercise is to document that I am actually recovering from my “recovery”.  Many of the things I learned in my early yearhave been absolutely shattered over the past 24 months.  If you are new to recovery, or in a vulnerable spot, may I suggest looking further for a more traditional, uplifting survey of recovery in general.

For both personal and professional reasons, my very concept of “addiction”, “recovery”, and even therapy have been called into serious question.  I no longer have any relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, in any form.   I have seen too many ugly things over the years, on a consistent basis, and in various cities and states within this free land of freedom, to ignore them any longer.

Just so you know: I’m a bit of a heretic.  And I intend to explore some heresies in the coming weeks…


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